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Create Whacky Videos and Cartoon Messages with Zany Face TV

Feeling a bit nutty? Express yourself with Zany Face TV, a free app that lets users record an audio message paired with a zany face built on a quickly captured photo. Zany Face TV snaps a picture, provides facial feature overlays – hair, eyes, nose, ears and so on – in various categories and then creates a short video combining random animation of the created face and the audio recording. Zany Face TV is quite simple and while it borders on senseless, it has a few features that make it kind of fun.

Basically, Zany Face TV uses the iPhone’s front-facing camera to capture a headshot. It will then randomly apply facial features from categories like music people, Hollywood, holiday and animals. Users can then manipulate the facial features onscreen, choose features to change or delete, and then combine the finished face with an audio recording or music file stored in your library.

Zany Face TV allows for some manipulation of the overlaid facial features, including rotation, size and placement. There is also the option to remove any unwanted or unnecessary features. To add a sound recording to a face, tap the center checkmark button to select from a previously recorded message, iPod collection or an “original” recording supplied with the app. To record your own message, simply tap the microphone button. When you’ve combined a face and audio message you like, tap the screen to get the “play” icon to display and tap the icon to preview. Users can then share the finished product by email or upload to Facebook. If you want to save the image or video for later use, select the option to save to camera roll.

Though Zany Face TV has some pretty funny, yet simple, options there are a few interface issues that require users to get familiar with the app. For example, if you’re experimenting with a face in the Animal Farm category, have selected custom ears, eyes and nose and then want to see what pops up in say, the Holidays category, you will have to start all over once you return to the previous category. Even if you save the image, there’s no way to upload it (unless this particular feature was overlooked). Aside from this being a somewhat awkward interface, the app is fairly simple to figure out and use. It is challenging to get a decent photo, but the animated layovers can essentially render the photo unrecognizable anyway.

Zany Face TV is fun enough for a free app and creates an opportunity for a bit of hilarity for users who are willing to get familiar with it and find the humor worth sharing. Some of the included faces and recordings come with their own level of amusement and of course, users can experiment with randomness.

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