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Best Apps and Games for School

Knowledge learned is much simpler and easier if with mind to approach the choice of helper applications. Now no need to carry a bunch of books and night to pore over Cribs. Simply download the smartphone these programs — and all in easy and accessible form itself will fit in the head. But there are so many that eyes run, and don’t know where to start.

Prodigy Math Game

Картинки по запросу Prodigy Game

A free prodigy math game app the adaptive math game that integrates common-core math (grades 1-7) into a fantasy style game that students love playing. Prodigy takes game-based learning a step further and provides teachers with a powerful set of reporting and assessment tools that allow them to easily identify trouble spots, differentiate instruction, and better manage classroom time. Prodigy has recently expanded its content offering to include skills that align to the Math Florida Standards (MAFS) and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).


PhotoMath is a calculator that uses the iPhone’s camera — just point the camera at a math problem, and PhotoMath will instantly display the answer, with the gradual solution of the problem.

Platform: Android | iOS


Software for solving math problems with step-by-step description and graphic image. Generates random math problems in multiple categories and difficulty levels. Operates autonomously. You can save or share the solutions and graphs.

Platform: Android

Solving equations by steps

The calculator can solve all types of equations (except differential), corrects errors in expressions and offers to enter its options. Shows a detailed solution of quadratic, simple trigonometric equations.

Platform: Android

The “formula”

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Simple and intuitive application that contains all formulas studied in high school and Junior courses of the institutions. Download the guide from iTunes absolutely for free. The utility works on iOS operating system.


iStudiez Pro

The organizer was created for students who use mobile technology to Apple. The main element of the calendar menu, where is necessary to enter all subjects, and the ILO with a simple menu to allocate days and hours by selecting the appropriate option from the list. If the school schedule does not change each week, the program will automatically fill the calendar until the end of the current quarter. You can also put the reminder before an important exam, test, test. To mark sessions with Tutors developed a function reference to the event card of the teacher from the Contacts application. If a student is late or does not come on an elective, it is easy to call the right teacher, opening the calendar and clicking on the message about the lesson with him. In addition to the calendar, the tool provides three tabs with a complete list of all items, tasks, and teachers. So, if you go into the category of homework, you can see everything that needs to be done in the near future. Still, the program can make estimates for each subject, and then obtain the arithmetic mean. Another very important function — synchronization between multiple devices and transfer data from the built-in calendar. You can download the app on iTunes for $2.99.

School assistant

This application will replace the boring diary. The utility allows you to organize your schedule in quarters, reminiscent of the beginning of classes, and automatically puts the phone in “silent” mode during class. If you have an important quiz or test, you just need to make a date and time School assistant will warn the student ahead of time. The program also records the estimates and schedules of progress in the subjects. Have the ability to sync with Google calendar. Designed for Android devices, you can download it for free from play.google.com.

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