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Best Apps and Games for School

Knowledge learned is much simpler and easier if with mind to approach the choice of helper applications. Now no need to carry a bunch of books and night to pore over Cribs. Simply download the smartphone these programs — and all in easy and accessible form itself will fit in the head. But there are […]

Family-Friendly Road Trip Games: Apps to Keep Kids Happy in the Car

As summer rolls into high gear, more and more of us are going to be hitting the road for summer trips with our families. One of the challenges with these long road trips is keeping the kids occupied and happy. There are the old standby car activities and games, of course, but if you’ve got […]

Fake Call Apps: Use Your iPhone to Make a Quick Exit

The number of fake call generators in the app store seems to be growing, offering users numerous different ways to set up an exit strategy for difficult business meetings, boring party conversations, unbearable dates, and unwanted phone calls. There is no denying that it is slightly scary how many people seem to use these fake […]

Essential Apps for College Freshmen

Well, kids, summer is officially over which means students everywhere are heading back to the school. And for those freshman entering the unknown at their college of choice — or college of “this is the only one I got accepted to” — you undoubtedly have a smartphone and most likely it’s an iPhone. You might […]